Americans DEMAND Impeachment After It’s Revealed Trump Spent MILLIONS Of Taxpayer Money On A Refrigerator!

A senior adviser to former President Obama on Friday mocked reports that replacing the Air Force One refrigerators will cost $24 million, saying Obama “would have been impeached” over it.


“We would have been impeached,” Eric Schultz, a former White House deputy press secretary, said.

Defense One reported this week that two aging refrigerators on the aircraft will be replaced at a cost of almost $24 million.

There are five refrigerators on the aircraft, which need to have the capacity to store 3,000 meals onboard—and two out of the five are in need of replacement, according to the publication. The refrigerators have been in use on the plane since 1990. Boeing was awarded a $23.7 million contract to replace the refrigerators, according to Defense One.

Richard Aboulafia, vice president of analysis at the Teal Group consulting firm, told Defense One that the Air Force One-specific requirements, which differ from those on commercial and business aircrafts, can result in high costs for equipment like refrigerators.

Before taking office, President Trump complained about the high costs of a new Air Force One plane from Boeing, calling for the contract to be canceled.


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