Americans Are SHOCKED, After This GOP Congresswoman’s MAJOR Statement About Roy Moore

Americans Are SHOCKED, After This GOP Congresswoman’s MAJOR Statement About Roy Moore

Roy Moore is a goddamn monster. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would argue otherwise. I mean, sure, you’ll find some equally-evil, blindly loyal members of the Republican party who will follow “their guy” no matter what. But, more often than not, if you talk to logical, morally-grounded folks, you’ll quickly come to realize that the consensus in America is that Roy Moore should not only step down from the race for Senator in Alabama – but he should be thrown in jail for his multiple sexual assault crimes against underage girls.

However, while it’s pretty easy to be on the side of “Anti-Moore,” there’s one female GOP Senator, Susan Collins, who happens to think that this disgraced Judge should be able to serve as Senator if elected in December. The politician from Maine said that, after some research into the matter, she found that if Roy Moore is elected by the people of Alabama to be their new Senator, they, as Sen. Collins put it, “would have no choice but to seat him.” But that’s ridiculous.

The man is a criminal. The Republican party has impeached a president in the past for far less. But, for one reason or another, they feel like they can “legally” look the other way if a sexual predator is elected to the Senate?! No. I’m sorry, but f**k that noise. There’s NO WAY that should ever be allowed in this, or any other country.

Roy Moore cannot continue to campaign for the vacant Senate seat in Alabama. That sh*t just shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Even more than that, people in Alabama shouldn’t vote for this monster. He’s a heathen who deserves to be behind bars – not on Capitol Hill.

Hopefully, the morality of Alabamans will reign supreme during this special election – and Roy Moore can quickly become a thing of the past. Hopefully…

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