Americans STUNNED After Learning The Truth Behind Melania & Donald’s Wedding Anniversary

President Donald Trump tweeted to complain about Democrats and praise Republicans in the same breath, for ending the government shutdown. However, there was something much more important that Trump should have been tweeting about – his 13th wedding anniversary with Malania Trump.

As it happens, Malania Trump didn’t celebrate the couple’s anniversary, either. Melania has been much more silent than usual, as of late, and appears to be distancing herself from the President. The last tweet she sent out, in celebration Trump’s one-year anniversary as President, did not mention the inauguration, the presidency, and more tellingly, Donald Trump. Melania even went so far as to post a picture of herself, not with her husband on his special day, but with a man in uniform.

The First Couple, have not publicly celebrated their anniversary at all, as the White House denied to make a statement with respect to how Donald Trump and Melania spent their day to any news media.

Melania has also canceled her trip to Davos, Switzerland, where Trump will be attending the World Economic Forum, despite the fact that she has never missed a single opportunity to take a foreign trip with the President.

Melania and Donald Trump have not been seen in public together since the news of Trump’s affair with former adult film star Stormy Daniels broke on January 12th.

The first lady has created an obvious distance between herself and the President since the story went viral. What do you think that Melania is preparing to do or say in response to the allegations?

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