Billionaire Democratic Donor Tom Steyer Rains on Trump’s Parade with MAJOR State of the Union Announcement

Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer wants to see the impeachment of Donald Trump more than anything else in the world.

He’s spent roughly $40 million on his campaign to impeach Trump.

Steyer initially made waves in conservative media after Fox & Friends aired his impeach Trump ad. After conservatives went into an uproar, Fox News promptly removed the ad from its network, although the damage had been done.

A new report revealed Steyer’s advert that will run during Trump’s first State of the Union address. While Trump boasts about all of his so-called accomplishments, viewers will see all of the reasons he should be impeached during commercial breaks.

According to Steyer, Trump has committed eight impeachable offenses since he took office. Some of the lines from the advert include:

“He can fire an FBI director who won’t pledge his loyalty. He can order the deportation of a million immigrant children.”

“He can threaten an unstable dictator armed with nuclear weapons.”

“He can go into a rage and enter the nuclear launch codes. How bad does it have to get before Congress does something?”

Steyer said in a statement: “The debate is no longer whether he has met the standard for impeachment, but whether members of Congress will allow him to get away with it.”

Steyer added, “Waiting for a politically convenient time to acknowledge this jeopardises the stability of our country and pushes us further away from our democratic values. We cannot wait until tomorrow, or next month, or next year. The time to act is now.”

Americans should all thank Steyer for having the fortitude to run his ad during the president’s speech.

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