OFFICIAL: Pentagon Calls For Donald Trump To RESIGN

OFFICIAL: Pentagon Calls For Donald Trump To RESIGN
OFFICIAL: Pentagon Calls For Donald Trump To RESIGN

With every asinine political move that Donald Trump makes, he loses more and more support. First, it was just his voting base having buyer’s remorse, but that lack of confidence quickly spread into Congress, as multiple members of the GOP are either publicly distancing themselves from Trump, or retiring from their political careers altogether. And regardless of what your political affiliation may be, one thing remains constant amongst Americans: we want Donald Trump OUT OF WASHINGTON!

We, the American people, have been screaming that since last November, but it seems like the powers that be are finally starting to agree with us. And while it’s encouraging to see a healthy amount of Republican Congressmen denounce their loyalty to our POTUS, an entire government body just said they want Donald Trump to resign!

That’s right, party people. The official twitter account for the Pentagon retweeted a message earlier today that, essentially, called for Donald Trump to resign. And although the Pentagon has since deleted this message:

…the fact remains that this subconscious “error” on their part only cements what Americans have thought for sometime: even the government wants Trump outta the White House!

In the tweet it also called for Roy Moore to step down from his campaign and for Al Franken to resign from Congress. Both of which are massive claims for a supposed non-biased government entity to make. And while we can’t help but agree with all these statements mentioned in this tweet, we also can’t help but wonder how Donald Trump is reacting to all of this.

Is he going to start cyberbullying the Pentagon now? Not sure if that would be the smartest choice, Donny Boy…

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