One Of Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Supporters Just Turned Their Backs On Him And He Is FURIOUS!

It seems that even Trump’s most loyal supporters are running for the hills after the presidents latest controversial comments.

Geraldo Rivera calls on Trump to apologize for ‘s—hole countries’ remark
Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera called on President Trump this Saturday to apologize for his controversial comments regarding immigration from “shithole countries,” sparking a recent phone conversation in which Rivera told the president that he loves him “like a brother.”

“@realDonaldTrump last week I told you on phone that I love you like a brother,” Rivera tweeted. “In that spirit I ask you to apologize for your unfortunate remarks. I’m in hospital getting back surgery My skilled compassionate nurse is from #Kenya She told me how you’d hurt her family’s feelings.”

In a follow up tweet, Rivera also instructed Trump to make his administration “more inclusive” and reflective of the United States’ diversity.

Rivera’s strange tweet came just two days after reports were published that Trump has asked during a meeting with lawmakers to know why the U.S. admits immigrants from “shithole countries,” like Haiti and various African nations.

In that meeting, he also added that the U.S. should focus on admiting more immigrants from countries, like Norway.

The now infamous remarks drew immediate criticism from immigration advocacy groups, foreign governments and lawmakers, many of whom accused the president of displaying racist behavior.

Trump came to his own defense during a pair of tweets this past Friday claiming that he never used such language to describe either country, but stated that he had referred to Haiti as a “very poor and troubled country.”

Even the White House has refused to deny Trump’s vicious remarks, which is a first for the normally loyal to a fault Trump Administration.