Sen. Tim Kaine Just Went Off on Trump So Bad That Even Hard-Right Republicans Are Jumping Ship!

Last time the government shut down, Trump posted a group of staged photos making it appear as if he was working during the three-day government shutdown.

In reality, he was using DREAMers as a political pawn to demand an outrageous sum of money for his border wall while he did a whole bunch of nothing.

Now, another government shutdown is looming, and Trump appears happy about it. The president said he would “love to see a government shutdown” if Democrats don’t fork out the cash for his wall.

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine wasn’t amused by Trump’s “love” for a potential government shutdown. Kaine asked why the president is “constantly rooting for a government shutdown?”

Kaine stated, “Look, if you don’t wanna work, just take some extra ‘executive time’ — don’t threaten the economy or thousands of federal workers. OK?”

During the last shutdown, members of the military went without pay after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell firmly denied a Democratic resolution designed to ensure that they received their compensation. Republicans later had the gall to accuse former President Obama of withholding government pay during a government shutdown, which was a bold-faced lie.

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